FAIR  – (75 – 77) – A Performance limited in its communication

All Disciplines – A performance with an overall need for artistic development

MODERATE  – (78 – 80) – A Performance showing development of technique and /or communication

Music – A generally secure performance in notes and rhythm at a reasonable tempo but with limited attention to detail and tonal qualities.
Dance – A performance showing adequate technique. Musicality and expression require further development.
Speech – A performance of some ability but requiring greater vocal and physical expression.

MERIT – (81 – 83) – A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and /or technical ability.

Music – A generally fluent performance with some awareness of tone and style.
Dance – A performance generally accurate in technique with some expression and musicality.
Speech – A performance showing a degree of ability in presentation with developing modulation and interpretation.

COMMENDED – (84 –86) – A convincing performance technically and artistically

Music – An assured performance with clear evidence of tonal and stylistic qualities and instrumental or vocal features although there may be moments of imprecision.
Dance – A performance showing secure technique with good musical and expressive qualities.
Speech – A convincing interpretation showing understanding of meaning, shape and style.

DISTINCTION – (87 – 89) – An excellent performance technically and artistically.

Music – A performance demonstrating a high level of technical security and stylistic insight
Dance – A convincing and controlled technical performance with animation, musicality and confidence.
Speech – A performance showing the ability to evoke an experience beyond the printed word, showing imaginative insight revealed through voice and / or movement giving life and shape to the content.

OUTSTANDING – (90+ )- An exceptional performance both technically and artistically

Music – A stimulating and persuasive performance showing stylistic flair and unobtrusive technical command.
Dance – A seemingly effortless performance of accomplished technique with impressive musicality and dynamic communication / projection
Speech – A performance of heightened sensibility in interpretation which commands audience involvement, sincere to the intention, content and style of the piece.