How to produce and submit your Festival performance

Videos can be taken using a smartphone or video camera by parent, teacher or carer.
For vocal and instrumental entries, you can use a backing track or live accompaniment.
At the beginning of your performance please say your name, class number and title of your piece.

Once you have completed the recording state the class or section you are entering in the message box and ensure that the video has the name of the competitor and the number of the class entered. Then send it by to the appropriate secretary:




Music and Speech and Drama entrants please send by post or e-mail a copy of the piece(s) to be performed. On them write your name and the class number.

Once the videos have been received, they will be put into folders and sent via e-mail to the relevant adjudicators who will watch the performances.

Feedback sheets and marks will be sent back to the Secretaries. Feedback sheets, together with 1st, 2nd and 3rd certificates, will be sent to teachers and individual entrants by post.

Any unused fees from Festival 2020 will be credited.

Deadline for entering Festival: 10th January 2021

Deadline for videos:

Music – 6th February 2021

Speech and Drama – 6th February 2021

Dance – Video Submission deadline 30th April 2021

No entries will be accepted after these dates.